1stBank: Heli-Bus

The "Heli-bus" is a free skier shuttle bus, with 25-foot long "propellers" on top, that will ferry snowsliders between a complimentary, FirstBank-sponsored parking lot and the base area of Copper Mountain, Frisco, Colo. On its sides are the legend, Heli-Skiing. Now as affordable as Free Checking, and the FirstBank logo. Pending an aerodynamic breakthrough, sadly, it will travel by land only, as the propellers do not spin.

Advertising Agency: TDA_Boulder, USA
Creative Directors: Jonathan Schoenberg, Thomas Dooley
Art Director: Zach Shapiro
Copywriter: Phil VanBuren
Construction: EyeCandy Sculptures
Wrap: Sign Language
Published: March 2012


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I hope the bus does not have to go under any tunnels..

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.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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The idea is powerfull

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I like the idea, but there's something bugging me about it...

If you're not getting on the bus and it drives past or whatever, aren't you going to think that the people on the bus are on their way to a helicopter? That it's an ad for heli-skiing, not banking?

Say you're getting on the bus and you're close to it. Would you see the helicopter image and rotor blade from close up?

If not, you're left with the tagline.

I think the tagline could be confusing: could be mistaken as an ad for heli-skiing: "Oh wow, can we go heli-skiing? Oh it's a bank ad? Boring."

(Or maybe that last line maybe isn't fair: I guess that question 'can we go heli-skiing' might encourage people to look at the ad...)

If you're going to get on the bus and you see the bus from a bit of a distance, then I guess you'd get it.

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also looking so nice.

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