Spanish/English Senior-level Copywriter MADRID


Associate Creative Director/Copywriter
Creative Director/Copywriter

We are looking for individuals that are fully bilingual (Spanish/English), who are very conceptual, and ideally have experience with direct marketing. Beyond being creative, having a strong business sense and organizational skills are important. We are looking for high-level, experienced copywriters to work as part of our multicultural creative group that handles accounts like Brown Foreman, State Farm, Kmart, Moneygram, and Motorola. The position is located at our Draftfcb office located in Chicago, IL USA.

We'll be interviewing people on Friday, November 14, 2008 and Monday, November 17, 2008 at our office in Madrid.

If interested please email your resume and a link to your portfolio to craig[dot]badynee[at]draftfcb[dot]com.



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Why are you looking copywriters in spain to work for the hispanic market?

You have to be so stupid argentinean and think the mexican population will undestand the spanish from Spain. In fact, let me tell you something, everybody hates Hugo Sánchez because of his spain spanish accent.

South america is very creative and award winning countries, but when your are talking about US hispanic market, you have to leave all those cliches ...yes, in your country. Why do you think the hispanic media talks a lot about Aldo Quevedo? Because his guy understands perfect our market, he is from Mexico stupid!!! By the way, that's why nobody talks about you!!!

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This is so funny!

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