pro bono Animal Welfare ads

What do you guys think? It's against the dog meat trade in Asia.

pro bono Animal Welfare ads
pro bono Animal Welfare ads


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Both are very good. The first one has that "Jeez, no!" effect. The second is smart. Both very emotional. Congratulation!

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Really really nice - well done to both

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Very nice..

like ivan said...1st one has the "noooooo..." effect
and 2nd one is very smart.

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Thanks! That was the effect we were going for! Although the client didn't like the first ad because it "made dogs look good enough to eat and might lure people into eating dogs than avoiding the act." Erm..?

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your client seriously said that? that's typical client who said something just to look smart. Whatever you have they will come with a comment.

regardless what you client said, you have talent. keep it going, perhaps someday you can get a bigger fish in the bigger pond.

well done !

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