Kills odour

was working on Fa Deodorant...came up with this long time ago...

Kills odour


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WOW! Did u made this in MS Paint..! really ost effective!

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The idea is good. Very funny. But the execution is very poor. Please work on the art direction.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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nice idea!

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Austin Video Pr...
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I think this is very clever.

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I agree, I am into this concept, even a little better visual would really help.

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This post is very old, but as long as this is getting feedback anyway, I'll just mention that the concept doesn't read right. You're trying to say that the deodorant is like a grenade that will kill odors. I read it opposite, like the odor is so bad it's like a stink bomb about to go off. An idea that's more specific/executed differently might help clarify. But I still think there's a better way to say "Kills Odor" without getting too literal.

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