Ogilvy Budapest looking for hot young creatives

We are beefing up our creative department. Young creatives who want a launch pad, this could be the right place. Those straight out of school also welcome. Mail CV with 10 best pieces of work to dalbir (.) singh @ Ogilvy.com

(Edited on Sept. 3rd, 2007: I am no longer with Ogilvy, please contact- gabor . spielmann @ ogilvy.com)


ECD, Ogilvy Budapest


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Wow! Great opportunity. I wish I had the time to join.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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where, its in delhi

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Dalbir Singh
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Ivan, I said young creatives :)
No Karim, this is in Budapest.

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I wish I was young than. :)

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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wow budapest i wish i cud work there!

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Budapest..OMG, that's my dream come true. :D

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Deepty Arora
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Great Oppurtunity...
Atleast for me...
Hey Can we send TV works too with our Print Works. I can email the link...

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Dalbir Singh
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Guys, I am no longer with Ogilvy Budapest. You need to contact the new CD gabor . spielmann @ ogilvy.com


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i want to be the one。but i'm in china。so。。。

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oh I think I am always young and willing to everywhere,but I don't speak Hungarian:-(
is that still ok?

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why did you leave dalbir? too old? ;)

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Amr Assaid

Hello Dalbir,
I'm a junior art director, just finished a master degree in advertising, with a minor in film, in University of Texas at Austin. I'm curious about the work of your agency, and the direction you are heading, and the kind of media you're most likely using in the market.

I'm also wondering whether your creatives need to know Hungarian? My only experience of Hungary was a two-week visit in a youth camp, so i didn't really pick up the language, although i loved the culture.

Please let me know of your growth plan.
looking forward to hearing from you.


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Amr, mate, dont mean to be rude, you should learn to read the posts before you speak to the wrong person. I bet youre terrible at reading briefs properly

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Forget the offer. Its a low pay, die-hard work. Sounds like some hard project management. For local ads you need to have more than a glimpse of the country´s culture. So if this is the really big shot opportunity, why isnt any other Ogilvy-Network person fighting for it?

Maybe because its just producing the stuff for the other agencies of the network? Right? Hungary is cheap manpower country so production is good to be done there. You do the math.

One more tought here: why did the original author left Ogilvy?

@ all young guns: dont settle for photoshopping. go to a small agency and be creative. there you can be. And if you´re good, Ogilvy and others will knock at your door.

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