looking for agent in singapore or malaysia

Hello everybody

we are graphic designer settled down in malaysia, as we come from europe we are not very familar with asia, did any one know how we can find an agent in order for us to give him our book and work in freelance.

Thank to all for your help.
French connection

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ivan is the best.

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aquent in singapore are useless.
dont waste your time with them.

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french connection
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thank you so much, for all is done here

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Ogilvy in Singapore is one of the big fishes. If I'm not wrong, Singapore is their base for Asia-Pacific.
try call +65 6213 7899, talk to Stephen Mangham, or write to 35 Robinson Road, The Ogilvy Center, Singapore 068876.

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french connection
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thanks stsanto,wich the best for you.

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Yo French connection,

Do yourself a favour and don't expect to find work in Malaysia using a head-hunter. I was in the same position 3 years ago and it was far easier to phone the agencies, get through to the CD's P.A. and ask for an appointment. They pay such shit money they'd always baulk at using head-hunters. And they're way more likely to throw you a brief and try you out.

Also you'd be far better off down in Singapore, especiallly where the quality of your work is concerned. Malaysia is too hung up on telling you (over and over again) that the locals are too dumb to get succinct or clever ads. This is obviously far from the truth.

If you're settled in KL and committed to working within the ad industry - don't stop trying till you work at Saatchi's - it's the only place worth it's weight there.

bon chance mon ami.

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I can vouch for the above comment.

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Hey man,
Shot me your book. I might able to hook you guys up. Don't ever try, they are crap!!
my email:


p/s I might need some connections from you guys as well since I've just recently move to Europe :)

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French Connection,

I DISAGREE with most of the comments up there. First of all agencies generally look for ART DIRECTORS not Graphics designers as FC is. If you are Graphic Designers then look for design shops.

If you looking for Art Director position then here is the advice. Hitting the agencies directly is always the best way but this is like a lottery. Just like anywhere else in the world. Headhunters are there for a reason. If you check the job section on my foum you will see a great deal of jobs in that part of the world and i am great friends with aquent people. They always look for people in SE Asia. I also disagree that Saatchi is the place in KL. It is OGILVY. ANd JWT is also not bad. They had a grandprix in outdoor 2 years back. Saatchi was big during Droga's time but more in Singapore. If you want to work in a great place naturally they would want to see a great portfolio. That means atleast a few shortlists at the big 6.

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I truly agree with Aitch, Malaysia's agency (small agency) always tells that the locals are
dumb, f**king issue were too sensitive, blah...blah...blah...

*I am actually a graduate majoring in graphic design and having few years of experience but don't know how to get a place in big & good agency ( Ogilvy, Saatchi, Leo Burnett and etc ).
Anyone can help?

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hey comingsoon, I might able to help. shot me your book.

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Hi guys, Can someone help.

I am an Art Director who is looking for a job in Singapore Bangkok Thailand. Well as Aitch said earlier i had already planned
to visit Singapore, Bangkok and Malaysia. in the month of May 2007. I have got a list of selected ad agencies with addresses,
tel. nos. and cd's name etc.

What i need to know from you guys is May Month. Or people go out for vacations?

OR is there any other way of looking for a job in Singapore Bangkok/Thailand

Can someone also tell me what is the basic salary for an Art Director in Singapore and Thailand/Bangkok.

Guys i really need your help, please guide me.

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No idea on wages in those countries.
A head hunter would probably be the person to speak to in relation to wages etc.

That said the difference between what the locals make and what the expats get is astounding.
And expect the locals to treat you like shit because of it too (which quite frankly is fair enough).

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same shit different place

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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Wow! You must have a bad day Tricky. :)

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The very essence of the creative is its novelty,
today our world is small we creatives need to go to MARS
btw thx for the support IVAN ...:s

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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As someone who makes his living in Malaysia, I think the place to be this part of the world is Bangkok. Living could be a bit tougher cos of the language barrier as opposed to Singapore or Malaysia where more people speak English.Hoever the standards of creativity (in my humble opinion) are so much better.

I am looking to set up a branch in New Zealand and if anyonehas any leads that would be great.

And FC, you can email me ur stuff and fees...I might need an extra pair of hands.

Cheers and have a good one.

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Headhunter,as me~