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Hi! I need a job. I am an English copywriter wandering lost on the streets of Dubai. Ok not exactly but i do need a job. I am very broke due to my affinity to pretty things in shops. I also have great ideas. Award winning sometimes. Even if i two people endorsing that. Me and my alter ego. No, they are good. try me. Help! i need a nice creative job


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capton john
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my friend try into

believe in yourself! all the best!

Think, Act, Invent.

Think, Act, Invent.

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Tried there already..Dont get a response

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There's an advertised Dubai job, 4 posts below yours (Zurc Media).
Why don't you give it a shot?
If everything fails, stop going shopping and live on shawerma for a while :P

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It doesnt say they need copywriters..

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| Everartz |

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I think he wanted help, not a cliff to jump off

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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wunderman dubai s looking for team of art copy players, wanna apply as a team.


a brain that never stop churning out dazzling ieas is ready to join. Any takers?

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