Creative retoucher looking for work in Dubai


(Yes yes I know... Everyone seems to be looking for work in Dubai lately but I have a few friends who live there and they keep on telling me to come over, Have done the London thing for 10 years now and fancy a lifestyle change so if you know of or can point me in the right direction of any jobs going in dubai please read on!)

I'm currently looking to make contacts with advertising agencies and photographers in Dubai as I'm looking at moving over later this year.

I'm currently working for a well respected retouching house in London as a creative retoucher / graphic designer (multi talented). I have 10 years plus experience working with photographers and creatives and have worked within many top London agencies (Lowe, CHI & Partners, Publicis, Red Brick Road, Ogilvy, JWT, MWO & Hurrell and Dawson) as well as working for a short time in New York for TBWA Chiat Day.

I would be hugely appreciative if you could give me some advise on finding work in the UAE... I can send anyone who's interested or knows anyone who can help my portfolio.



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post your work online.
if nothing else, you could keep your head above water doing freelance work while you're looking.

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Isn't it illegal to freelance if you haven't got a visa in Dubai?

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Reidy1, Why are you leaving UK? I am dying to go to UK man, but maybe you can ask Ivan for help, I am pretty sure he got a lots of contacts in Middle east. Ivan can you help? Good Luck bro.

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Thanks mate.

Guess everyone wants a change. Need a new challenge have been in London for 10 years now and need something new to motivate me. I see Dubai as the place where I can do this... Hopefully.

Yeah come on Ivan. Can you help?!

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Thought I'd bump this up to the top of the list as I'm still looking to make contacts in Dubai, I'm flying over for a week in June and would like to arrange some meetings. Can supply my portfolio if anyones interested?

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Are you in Dubai, we are looking for a retoucher....... kindly if you could contact me back ..lin - 050 2457457 or email me at

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