Copywriter / Versatile Creative Wanted!

I'm a London based AD with two years of 'employed-experience' under the belt and I'm looking for a copywriter/versatile creative to team up with. Copywriters would be ideal, but the most important thing is creative thinking! Ideally you would have at least 2 years experience (preferably employed).

That's all!

So if you are looking for an AD/Creative partner, please contact me on:



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where are you planning to work?

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Ideally London, but at the moment Im open to suggestions!

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Well If u rather prefer Europe then I suggest Belgium, Brussels and Antwerp
It's the center, there are lots of great agencies.Duval guillaume, ddb and other big names
and its not so far from London..
Or try Ogilvy Brussel and ask for Pete Russel the CD

but I can't help u finding a copywriter, a difficult species to find..

good luck!

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Im a scw,but Im in China

good luck!


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Plz check my web page and let me know about your requirements.

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