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I would love to find out more about how can i get in ouch to the big agensiec in these industry. How can i get noticed?
I am from Romania...I have studied marketing and management and i wish to make a career in advertising.
I am ambitious i can learn a lot. I would love to work in NYC...But how can i? I can't afford to go there only to see if someone will get me and see me.

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it's a lot more complicated than that. You 're very enthusiastic and that's good but it won't be enough to get through the doors of a NY top network let alone the legalities that can be a great obstacle.Anyways, what i suggest is that you build up a strong or some portfolio. For that you have to start there, get a job, if it's a network so much the better, start piling up work.Then go for it! Send your portfolio online, network and you 'll start making some first contacts through the net.(By the way brush up your english. Take up reading english lit in your spare time.)It's not impossible you just need to do first things first.Good luck and don't give up!

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Try to apply to an agency and offer them to work for free for 3 month. This is very low risk for the agency and great experience and networking opportunity for you. Prepare to live on bread and water though, unless you have somebody to support you.

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Also, from the above example it appears that your English is not perfect. It needs to be. If not, stay in Romania or become an art director. Not to discourage you but as a copywriter one mistake on a CV and it will get trashed.


Best of luck.

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Dude. Forget the language.If you can ideate, then the language will come automatically.
First of all figure out what you want to say and then say it.