Aussie wanting to make contacts in Canada

Hey Canada, I'll be looking at moving to your beaut country for work in the future and I'd like to start making some contacts with agency people if possible.

Reason being...I've got itchy feet here in Oz and I want to spread my wings overseas before I turn 30!
Why Canada? Well, for a start - it's an English speaking country! Also from what I've been told you've got many different influences and a broad mix of cultures, which to me makes a perfect catalyst for great advertising! Most of all, I want to grow creatively and I'm prepared to make the big move to do so.

My Brief.

I'm 27 years old, nearly 28. I've worked in advertising for nearly my whole life! Meaning my father was a creative director and owned his own agency. I did my apprenticeship with him for about 6 years and now I work as a writer/producer for another agency (as you can imagine working with family isn't the healthiest situation!) I had to get out of there.
My experience is fairly well rounded. I started out as a television/radio writer and producer, I really enjoyed it and still do, however now I'm fine tuning my skills with the pen and I've taken a real liking to copywriting.

Having been brought up around advertising - I'd like to think I have a sound understanding of how an agency works and how to get the best from it.

Anyway in due course, I'll be keen to send anyone examples of my work upon request, but lets touch base first.

I'd appreciate any opportunity to make some contacts so please don't be a stranger.



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