Yahoo! ad competition

If you like it, vote for me If you don't like it, tell me why in this topic.

Thank you!


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Voted for you. I only have one concern. You're demonstrating that with every printout you have destroyed the forest more and more. I was expecting something to stop this waste, but you printed one more to say the message. I think it would be better if the recycle message would come as a super.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Thank you Ivan! I think you have a point but (maybe it is too subtile) I used the last paper on both sides.

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You could have posted this without mentioning the contest. But since you did, it's seems to me that I need to know something about the contest. So, what is the contest, what are they looking for, and what is the message you've been told to communicate? Give us the criteria on which this ad will be judged within the contest. Otherwise I'm just looking at an ad in a contest that I don't know anything about. How can I tell if you have a winner or not, as far as the contest is concerned?

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Just take a like at the site of the contest: The contest is for tomorrow (07 May) so if you want to participate you have to be fast!

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EXCELLENT idea. Top notch insight, razor sharp execution. Big congrats on that one. Brilliant in its simplicity, and i think flipping the last sheet for the recycle logo was a great touch. Excellent work.

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Tanks for your comment. You make my day!

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this is great, simple, well done. good luck with it, you have a good chance.

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Other version (not done by us but very funny):


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