guys pls giv feedback as usual!

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I think your handle on the english language may be limiting you on these. Seems like there may be a well crafted floww to your thoughts however the words aren't getting it across to us.

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you could use different boot treads for each execution. i'm certain that a cycling/mountain biking shoe looks different than a climbing shoe and also different from a snowboarding boot.
the font is really hard to read, especially since it's mostly all caps.

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Guilherme Bill Luz
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terrible font...hard to read

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weighter is right. Seems like the more you try to sound deep on your copy, the more shallow your ad translates. I suggest you keep your copy simple yet when your audience combine it with your visual, they'd see the thrid dimension to it. Relook the typography.

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drain bamaged
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pls dont try so hard on ur copy, its not a president's speech. n d word 'perform' seems a misfit 4 woodland, culd b more apt 4 nike n likes.
pls take a crash course on fonts.

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Modal Writer
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harping on the font man, switch it out and use less words (this from a copywriter?)

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chintan ruparel
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yes, this is from a copywriter... and i'm only trying to improve. i never defend my ads, ideas or stuff on this site and always take all the criticism seriously. i work hard on doing better each time; and to be fair, this seems better to me than some of my previous work. i know this may not go down too well with some of you guys, but the copy isnt tht bad... c'mon, its better than my earlier attempts. i agree the font may be a blunder. bt terming this as a president's speech is taking it a bit too far, no?

neways, thanks for all your comments and suggestions... keep 'em coming :)

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Modal Writer
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haha, no man, i meant i was a copywriter (not usually prone to wanting less words), and no, the copy isn't that bad, but if it's going to be long (i.e. not just a headline) it had better be brilliantly written. So keep editing and take out everything that doesn't hit you right in the brainpiece.

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Hi! Chints... i really like the thought... but its not coming across that well... try being simple...


- The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close-up.

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the copy, the harder u work on it the better it gets. i guess u've already started. people here push ideas or thoughts that can be persued, otherwise they ask us to drop it. so if guys r asking to work on them, then it's just to make it better. cheer up!

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chintan ruparel
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thanx a lot guys 4 ur feedback... i guess i'll re-work both, the art & the copy a bit. ivan, i want ur feedback on this..try if u can..

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~