Vespa Scooter Ad Compaign

A school project for the Vespa Scooters magazine ads campaign. The initial idea was to find characters who are usually associated with some sort of transportation, but occasionally they use their Vespas. some of the other characters from the campaign were: Superman, Zorro, and Knight Rider (David Hasselhoff).

Vespa Scooter Ad Compaign
Vespa Scooter Ad Compaign
Vespa Scooter Ad Compaign


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Like it, especially begin a vespa fan, dont you think the shadow is in the wrong direction for the Pope ad? the David Hasselhoff pic a bit jaded? understandable because one may not find a good pic of him as Knight rider

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not diggin the baby blue gradient background and the black color shadowed "bill-gate" font.. the idea is okay, rather straight forward.

Work on the typography and layout more, it will be a rather nice keeper.

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Erm... the Pope?

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drunk dave
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Protective visor - the fish bowl he usually travels around in.

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