Very Bright

no need to go easy just because its my first post ;)

Pretty basic borderline cheesy idea but interested in how effective it is to onlookers.

Does the copy 'very bright' or 'brilliant' work better? I have been jumping back and forth between the two...

Cheers everyone!

Very Bright
Very Bright
Very Bright


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If there wasn't already an influx of Einstein visuals already on this forum, i would like this more.

Is there any way to convey this idea without the use of a celebrity's head and hair? The idea will be stronger without having to use a famous person to convey 'smart'.

I hear you on choosing between Brilliant and Very Bright....hmmm, my vote is for Very Bright.

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Same here. Very bright is a lot better. I actually like the idea but as SonOfAdvertising said, Einstein is a very popular image used for all kinds of of products, most recently a hair product. Maybe you could push it further. You've got a valuable idea here, explore a bit more.

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Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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why is the lamp not lite????

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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How about the 2nd execution. Disrupting my approach by contrasting bright versus dim, instead of the more obvious einstein visual.

A nice touch would be finding a way to make the product shot appear to be a question mark.

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Ive pushed the idea in a little different direction with another comp. A new world leader that gives us less dim and more bright. Opinions appreciated :)

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