Universal Children's Day

The world over, November 20 is celebrated as Universal Children's Day to respect the human rights of children around the globe.

In the UAE, and particularly Dubai, one of the major problems faced by young toddlers is the lack of time their parents (both of whom are usually working) can give to them. The problem is compounded by the lack of a support system like grandparents, uncles, aunts, etcetera.

The easiest way to get young children out of the way is to keep them at day care or in creches, meaning the little ones are usually 'locked' in prams and are dissociated emotionally from their parents. This, in the long run, acts as a deterrent to their growth.

To highlight this problem, Gmasco, Dubai has come up with this piece of communication to be released in the press tomorrow.

We would appreciate your constructive criticism. This is not so much about liking/non liking this ad. This is more about spreading the word for our innocent children.

Art: Vijay VC
Copy: Shantesh Row
CD: Kumar Ganesan
Agency: Gmasco, Dubai

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1- art direction is very dramatic
2- are you attacking the day care or kinddergrden because it could be understood this way???
3-why dont work on a conncept where ur children loose something very important if they are raised whithout parents

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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Very good photography. Looks and feels dark, the way it is supposed to here. The placing of the copy could still be a bit improved.

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Dear Tricky. Your comments are most appreciated. Unfortunately, we did not have another concept, apart from this.
But yes, the direction you have proscribed may definitely be looked into.
Day care or kindergarten, any place where the child is without its parents all day.
Thanks for spending time with this ad. Spread the word.

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Dear PD. Thanks for your comments. Well, we felt the copy was placed right.
Anyway, that's subjective. What isn't it the fact that our children need help.
Cheers again.

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I think the ad works. However in a second execution you may actually want to tell parents what they are doing to their children by neglecting them to make them realize their mistake.

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Yes Ivan. Totally agree. Wish we had the time to do one more execution. But then again, every day is Children's Day.
Thanks so much. And if you feel, do post it on the main board.

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Guilherme Bill Luz
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the idea works without the boring question about development