Trek Mountain Bikes


Copywriter Me to Art Director Me -- "Your Art Direction sucks!"
Art Director Me to Copywriter Me -- "Oh yeah, well your an asshole!"

My left hand strikes the right side of my face.

Art Director Me -- "Ouch! That hurt!"

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very good. love it!

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Love the first one.

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Will be posting the outdoor and nontrad part of this campaign shortly.

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The first one, is great, love to se the rest.

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I'm not sure whether everyone picks up the first comment and just goes with it or what.

The first one is funny, but it needs relevance. If this was for a women's bike course or even for "TREK Women's". Yes, one can say that the photos of women pull it through, and it does, as an individual. But it lacks the integrity the campaign will need.

Number two is a cool thought, but the line isn't there yet. - Using the word "wussie" to describe the softness of yoga is not aggressive enough.

The Third is my favorite. I think it's pretty much good to go.

I will say that you have a nice look going and the type is well done.

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Im i missing something on the first one? Male cyclists shave their legs (literally), and the women have balls (not literally).

It wasnt insulting men, it was putting forth the lengths that these men go to be the best, and that women having balls is straight forward enough...

If the men didnt actually shave their legs, then I see you point completely... but im pretty sure they do... which is what makes the first one excellent in my opinion. Im not a fan of the others that much.

So i guess to answer your question, no I dont just take the first response and run with it.


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Excuse my ignorance, I had no idea men shave their legs when cycling. What's the reason for that?

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Men shave their legs in cycling to protect against 'road rash'. It's when things get thrown up on the road or trail into your leg hairs and you have to rip them out or when you take a spill and get your get hair ripped out.

It's also considered kind of a right of passage in a way. I would always shave my legs the night before the road cycling season started for myself.

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drunk dave
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First one, great line. Rest are really tame in comparison. If you're gonna do it, do it the whole hog.

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the first one is great, gender not an issue i guess. the 2nd needs a 2nd thought, the 3rd is good again,
but the landscapes need a review, to make it look more challenging n carry forward the
hard punch of the 1st one.

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ok so women with balls ride bicycles???? mmmmmm interesting and all the men shave their legs mmmmmm yes i see you call these ads or a declaration of a rebelle without a cause

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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Modal Writer
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The lines work, and I like the first one, but it's obviously a bit confusing in the reading. Rewrite for clarity, so the joke is quicker, but it's a funny idea, don't lose it, just perfect it. the third one makes the most sense, the best play between the visuals and line, but it's lacking the great attitude of the first two. Take the personality of the first two lines and write write write, this can be great, and the art direction is fine if you're a copywriter.