Travel Health and Yellow Fever

The recent massive increase in business and recreational travel outside of the UK, has led to the need for dedicated Travel Health Centers. This is because a considerable proportion of travelers end up with a Health problem ranging from Diarrhoea to Malaria or Yellow Fever. Most of the Health problems contracted through traveling are preventable through appropriate Travel Health advice, precautionary measures and Vaccinations

Globetrotters Travel Clinics are one stop shops for all of your Travel Health needs. We are dedicated to providing quality Travel Health advice and services, as well as premium Travel Health Products.

With vaccine preventable illnesses accounting for only a small proportion of Health problems whilst abroad, at Globetrotters we give individuals, business travellers and students the advice and information they need to stay healthy both whilst overseas and on their return.

Our Services:
Private, specialist suggestions, personalized to your accurate journey and health wants, whether you are travelling on business or for happiness.
• The full range of travel vaccines, at all times in supply. (We keep large supplies of all vaccines, to care for our travellers from the effects of periodic vaccine shortages).
• Yellow FeverYellow Fever vaccination - we are an certified centre.
• The latest malaria medication and advice: - backed up by a wealth of experience in caring for travellers bounce for the world's mainly inhospitable spaces.
• Up-to-the-minute news and information about malaria, health risks and outbreaks around the world.
• Customised medical kits and other recommended health-related products.
• Maximum convenience: consultation via prior arrangement.
• Call-out team available: ideal for groups, corporate travellers, and families.
• All in our own, fully-resourced, multidisciplinary medical centre.
At Globetrotters we offer a personal service provided by experienced travel health nurses, we are accredited yellow fever centers and offer full pre and post travel health screenings as well as all available travel vaccinations.

This article has been provided courtesy of Global Travel Clinics - the one stop shop for all of your Travel HealthTravel Health needs.