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erin montemurro
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don't get the point of the copy ... actually i don't get the overall idea either... why are the elephants dragging him away from his fantasy play and why those toys dart board, cube and train ????

how do like them apples

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Strange and overdone photoshop art. The kid has the head of a puffy little westerner and the body of an undernourished third world child. I don't see much of an idea and the copy simply makes it worse. This does nothing to make someone want to visit Toys'r'us.

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It's a bad idea, but the start of a good insight
A hint: If you're a student who's creating a portfolio, only do ads that you can finish yourself without the help of a retoucher.
This one screams for retouching.

PS: WHY'RE????

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Actually, this just screams bad

Good is the enemy of great.

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Ugh. Not a fan of the idea/execution. Should you decide to keep this in your book, at least change "Why're" to "Why are...," decapitalize "Toys" and change "child" to "children."
Or perhaps come up with copy that makes more sense to the visual.

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do not put this in your book.

think further.

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over done photo retouching... besides the kid looks like he's been cut from his abdominal area downwards.. and the pose of this kids doesnt say "nothing can make him leave"... and why is there a question under the headline anyway???
i'd say you re work it from scratch... good luck

| Everartz |

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forget about the AD you really need help in that area lets focus on the idea itself
1- the toys arent that exciting so that the kid wont leave(a rubik cube!!!!! a dart board for kids!!!!!!)
2-the translation of: nothing can make him leave is wrong it should be about MOVING since the elephants are trying to MOVE HIM
i hope this helped

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