comment pls...on the idea not on the layout....(u know how the layout will look when the copy
guy make it himself)

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very weak line :s.. work on it.. the visuals could be better too

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Weak. If you line is we DRY YOU, then you could come up with better visuals.
Perhaps you could show a flood?

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drunk dave
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You're kidding with your advice of course. God help us if you're not.

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Or maybe say "GO, GET WET"!?! You'll need to dramatize the visuals a few more folds, mate.

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I think the most difficult thing to avoid for students is the so called Show-and-Tell syndrome or STS. I suffered from it as well. Very serious.
Have recovered though. Feeling a lot better now.
You have an idea lurking there. You just have to pull it out.