The new Song (You`re Killing me-The Download Song) Release of Shamim....

I just reviewed this latest Video.(You`re Killing me-The Download Song) Release of Shamim.. I think you guys would like it. It is worth listening and watching Shamim`s new video... I think Britney has a though competition now :-)

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This is very nice video

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dude..did u just comment on ur own video?

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That is ridiculous.

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So her song is a protest against illegal downloading, now that's a concern for big bands and recordlabels, not for someone nobody knows. Apart from that it's ofcourse obvious that you'd put such a video on an advertising forum.

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She looks average, she has a boring voice, can't move at all, produced a lame song with a terrible video. And, she's blaming me that she can't break into the music industry?

Britney was professional.

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WTF? Im going to hang myself.This world has come to an end.