the loft

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First one is WOW... second one is cool... rest spoils the party.

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I don't get it. Pls explain.

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I actually prefer the last two. They make a better campaign and have attitude.
Work a little on the art direction; drop the drop shadow, play with some more fonts and tone the colour down.

Like the copy.

This should be in the exhibition forum by the way;)

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I agree. These have a nice story in there. The line "you think it, we stock it" is great. Just art direction definitely needs loads of work. Just listen to what mancrepublic had to say.

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first two is great. last two need art direction... rework... new layout. rest is not executed well.
but shri shri dabhaveji 10008ji is rocking.

good work dude.

kabhi call bhi kar le. 9210226446

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Vijay, atleast remove the watermark.

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first n foremost

plz create a corbis id

otherwise also ... its not worth giving comments