TAXI Portfolio Night Ad Competition

We’re holding a contest for students to create a sponsorship ad on behalf of TAXI for ihaveanidea’s portfolio night.
Why? Because three weeks, two days, and a kidney stone later, we’ve got absolutely nothing. So rather than lose our
jobs, we figure we’d ride the backs of some hungry students who would jump at the chance to do a real ad instead of
another condom, hot sauce, or mandatory long copy piece.

My Strategy:
Portfolio night is a night to show your best work to the best, and to listen to their critiques. That the old saying "all sizzle, no steak" is really not applicable in advertising, as we try to sell using sizzle even if theres no steak within sight... however steak would really come in handy if your ads take a beating from the CD's that critique them during portfolio night. A tongue in cheek way to poke fun at the process and the beating a lot of peoples work take during the event.

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Activity Score 237

really not easily understandable


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is this like American Idol for designer's? except triple the amount of Simon Cowell?

waiter check please.... good concept.

Arnold Santillan