Suzuki Jimny

This ad is for the Suzuki Jimny wich is a small 4x4 car.
We tried to make a typical 4x4 jeep kind of ad but with a little twist to it because it's small.
The headline says: All 4x4 Just small

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Activity Score 5

it's a small picture: that thing on the car's back is a keychain thing and
the heading says: all 4x4 just small

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I think it works. Not too exciting and won't make me buy it. I think you better focus on the benefit of being small, rather than exaggerating smallness.

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Activity Score 82

I agree. The keychain seems out of place. Rethink how to excute the benefits of it being a compact vehicle will greatly improve the message to the buyer.

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I find it "negative" too at first sight.