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You can see my work here:

I'm looking forward to your feedback. I'd also love any advice on getting started in this industry.


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I'm in between assignments this morning, so I spent a little time on your site.

Happ Card: This could be really nice and conceptual, but it's not. I'd rework this.
Zoo: I see what you're trying to do, but it's not coming through.
Stich it: Although the bench is a little awkward, I really like this campaign. Best in your book by far.
Duck Tape: It shows you can think about a problem in a different way, but this isn't doing it justice.
Anger Clinic: Could be cool, but I can't read the copy.
Hi-liter: I really like the thought, but I'm not sure that if the sign was white I would miss it. Maybe the pole stays and the graphic sort of "floats" to emphasize the need for hi-lighting.
Pepto: Not bad if it were a campaign, but not strong enough as a one-off.
Aveeno: If you are trying to associate these trips with the itching and scratching you do with the coin for the reveal, they are really nice.

Take this constructively, your work is good enough to get a junior position. But if you rework a few pieces and you shouldn't have a problem getting in.