Scotch Tape

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Nice, I like this one, maybe the art direction could be purer, more like a beauty institute (don't know what it is, but maybe the floor seems a bit filthy..)

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this one i like~

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nice legs btw :p

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i'm beginning to like it (certainly better than the scotch tape ad i did)....but i'm just wondering how this ad is specifically for scotch tape. There are stronger tapes on the market that could pull off hair this the right benefit to exploit? Here, scotch tape's Clear qualities have nothing to with the concept....or am i missing something.

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I love it... who hasn't played with tape in this way I ask?
As a total stranger who doesn't know where this brand is going
I buy it!

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Good idea!

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White Space
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it's backwards, pull strip against the grain of the hair, no matter how strong she won't pull up any hair like that

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This is supposed to be strong tape so it doesn't matter from which way you do it. Your just being picky.

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