Save Trees

"Save your treasure, save trees"

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Activity Score 7

hi beruto,
thank you for your feedback.By showing a safe and keyhole i mean that trees are so precious that it has to be kept
in a safe to be treasured....especially in todays world where the pollution levels are rising everyday....the safe represents
the safety measures one has to take to keep n e thing safe....keep in touch and please feel free to send your feedback...
Thank you....regards-Dhananjay

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Maybe you should focus on the keyhole. A cleaner simpler art direction would help too.

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Activity Score 1052

it doesn't kick my emotional side. plus u r just using visual metaphors. better ads have been done for save trees. i would not waste time on this unless it is better then what we already have.

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sbi logo!

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when you have to explain your design,... it fails ! otherwise... you have to stand near every poster at bus stops and explain to people. nah,.. you don't have time for that,.. you just fail.