save tree -

copy: jyothi nair, rahul pohare
art: sudarshan

save tree -


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i like this!

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Very nice thought. Take a simpler image, white background maybe?

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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great idea...
perhaps can improve on the line? put something provocative, like "I was protecting thousands of lives, now I comfort you alone. Selfish!"
after all you have the fine line on bottom that can talk about saving trees blah blah blah (perhaps it's good to put some statistics on this part too).

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Very nice thought! You can further extend it to ambient media. Eg: Park benches. (See, it has both the bench and the tree)
Think more coincidences like this and pls excute it. You may win awards!

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thanks to all... as i said i have delievered to the promise.
still would luv to see more comments

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Nice thought...but it also sends the message that "all tree-cutting is bad, therefore we must not use anything wooden."

Perhaps include in the copy something about illegal logging instead? Just my two cents. :D

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veny nice thought.
good job. visual is ok. its working this way also.

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