save environment

plz ignore grammatical mistakes!

save environment


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Trees preserve life preserve trees preserve life?

Trees preserve. Life preserve. Trees preserve life.
Is that an A+B, B+C, A=C?

Or ist it:
Trees preserve life.
Life preserve trees.
Trees preserve life.

Or maybe a treatment could be:
TREES PRESERVE LIFE. Preserve trees. Preserve life.

Nicely art Directed, but what the hell are you advertising? Also, you could set this in a green or brown to insinuate nature a bit more. Excellent look, just make sure the thought can back it up. The line is much stronger than the idea unless I am missing something.

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i guess it's continous... trees preserve life,.. so life preserves trees... and looping from this point. The message is clear, preserve trees if you want to preserve your life.

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Trees are part of life, so they are not preserving it they ARE life. The visual is interesting though.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Nice idea but it needs to be crafted more.

Although the situation in the ad would best fit the Philippines, what with the many floods during rainy season because of illegal logging! LOL!

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The message is too common. What's creative idea?

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I actually like that line weaving in and out, the visual should mimic that in some way.

... its already been done...

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the Ad is simple and clear.....i am ok with svansvan comment

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