rolls royce Drophead phatom coupé

rolls royce Drophead phatom coupé
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yikes. you do know that rolls royce is high end yeah?

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Do you have any other executions or ideas you could pursue?
The typography needs alot of work, as does your message. Try to stay away from glowing type and breaking up sentences just for the sake of doing something fancy. Keep it simple.
Your thinking is a bit all over the place. A pinky ring that has the RR logo on it doesn't fit with your message at the bottom, which is probably too much information for anyone to read.
Keep at it, hope you post new ones soon. Thanks for posting your work.

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i have posted other executions.. check it out..thanks for your advice..
The main idea in this one was to show finishing of the car like for a ring which work hours by the hand...its almost the same for that car..
And for all these typo.. its based upon the brief..

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