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excellent idea, nice insight. i dislike the execution. its a little unclear right now, 'push' and 'touch' doesnt do justice to a nice idea like this.

Just an idea...
An ambient setup could have an employee thats in shape opening doors for patrons, noticeably ephasizing the effort put into opening the rather heavy entrance door. However he lets patrons exit themselves with a sign identifying their own newfound power on the inside of the door.


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i dont agree with the thought. such things have been done zilions of times before.
sorry...try something better

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I wouldn't get it. Unless there is a line below it. Even with a line, I would not like it. When you're a bodybuilder you're way way above opening door. I know this is just a parallel, but I want to see you telling me I can lift a bus, not open a door. I hope this explains my sentiments somewhat.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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