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Kira J
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love it.

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buy by bye
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ooo battle of the brands!

me likes

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have you seen nike do this? have you seen adidas do this? come on now... one off creative trick not creative thinking

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buy by bye
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what is people's obsession with 'creativity'?
if an ad sells, it IS creative.
and this definitely will sell the product to its target.
i agree originality is important, but it isn't crucial. everything has been done mroe than once, but that doesn't mean they were unsuccessful.

so before looking at ad as a crtique, remember that it is an AD and it's main purpose is to represent the brand and its values and hit the target.

this is creative because they thought bout puma symbol 'jumping' the adidas strikes. it may not be original but it definitely invovles a thinking process, which is called creativity.

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i don't know where it is but adidas did it.
it was something like this :

"nike has great ads!"

Adidas loves competition

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twelve _noon go check this out then comment
nice thinking

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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it's a school work done in the netherlands TRICKY. Actual campaigns for adidas are done by TBWA and 180 amsterdam.

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Love this one just because I know the back story between the broken up brothers Adi and Rudolf.

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Simple, I want to like it, but the idea is so blah.

Jump higher with pumas?

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Must not be that simple, you completely missed it.

The puma is jumping over the adidas symbol. Nothing to do with shoes. Just brands.

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i like it. i find the visual strongs and i am certain this will have strong recall to customers.

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As Paul Rand said "Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated." And this advertisement defines this completely! Minimalist design with lots of white-space all while sending a very powerful message!

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These are the ideas that you will never see in real life. Nice WORK!

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Hush It
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LOVE IT! so simple yet very clear message.

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