Philips mobiles : with long battery life.

Should I be disappointed over the client rejecting this idea. Or is it just me?

Don't hold back any punches. Abuses are welcome.

Philips mobiles : with long battery life.


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Great idea but I think it could be implemented better. It's very hard to get that thouse mobile phone are charging. may be you could show an adaptor or something so viewer could get it more faster that these mobile phone are charging.

Also I think lighting could be better. I don't know how and why but I just feel that I don't like lighting.

BTW, Great idea man
Thank u for sharing it with us

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Don't be disappointed. The idea isn't that strong and the art direction isn't great either. Try harder as some members say here.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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People, please comment!

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yeah im not feeling it im sorry..i agree with ivan.

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What I gather from the posts then is, this falls into the "nothing great, just ok" category.

Anybody with other opinions?

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Longer battery life have been done for hundereds of products and better. This one is too lame. Also quite literal. I think you could really exagerate. Seen those ads where the phone starts ringing inside a graveyard (coffin)?

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first of all... why the phone is mirrored? check the philips brand name and the buttons... tsk..tsk..tsk...
now about the execution:
- don't do half way,.. give some small pillows and blankets for the nokias.
- without attacking competitor, you can show a dusty charger in store room, a user in the midst of rainforest of asia, or a very long battery indicator symbol (the one you see on phone screen).

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