Otrivin - don't get caught without it

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Otrivin - don't get caught without it


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if he is gagged and bound how does he use the Otrivin?

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it's a nose spray. To clear mucus. That's how.

I didn't get this at first, but now i think it's a pretty good idea. Perhaps a picture of a man half-submerged in water with only his nose above water could work too...

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the idea of the ad is that the guy is gagged, by abductors I would assume. And if not for otrivin he would be unable to breathe.

So if he is gagged and bound, how does otrivin help him clear his nose even if he is caught 'with it' and not 'caught without it'.

What you said makes me think one of us aren't interpreting this ad correctly.

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Lost in translation? :-/
Well, just figured that the double meaning that "get caught" has in Hebrew doesn't work exactly the
same in English...my fault I guess.

The double meaning is:
1. Get someone catch you (Abductors for example)
2. Bump into someone or get into a situation

The message here is "Don't find yourself without Otrivin" showing some bizzare scenes when you
need it badly...and using the simple double meaning.

Thx for the comments folks.

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