Most people are aware of and want to donate for social causes. But lethargy makes the task difficult.
To make donating easy, we came up with the idea of stickers that will be pasted on existing Price Tags. There will be two prices, with a difference of Re 1. We’re riding on the fact that people would not mind paying the difference, if it made a difference to somebody’s life. They would ‘Choose to make a Difference’.



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Great work...


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good work

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Smart idea. This will surely encourage donations.

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yes yes yes a decent idea for a decent cause go go go rockn roll

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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If every retailer around the globe could do this, what a dent it would make to world poverty. More ideas like this one.

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Great Strategy.

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Shows how a simple idea can grab the attention....

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Shut Theory
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this is a winner! quite strong... BUT... are u sure people are going to be holding a pen and ticking on every item they buy? there should be an easier way... are u talking to cashiers to come to help? are u driving peoples attention to it? the solution could be simple, stick the same sticker only bigger, at the cashier counter, and let them say verbally, i want to pay "my price" :D a nice tag on the counter that says: tell the cashier: "i want to pay my price" would do... please tell me? what was done in real life? its so exciting i want to know...

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If wat shut theory says is appplicable, can you guys have a tear away coupon... prospects can tear way the ?price they want to pay, or the other way round...

- The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close-up.

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imagine the guilt of someone whose a penny pincher...

... its already been done...

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seriously great idea that could indeed make the world a better place.


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cool idea. petsmart here in the states does something similar. at checkout they ask you if you want to donate $1.50 to the local shelter .. always feel guilty about saying no

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Hello Mariam Don’t make it complicated pls.........

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Shut Theory
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LOL! i wont, i promise, i just wanna know what took place in real life

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nice idea...keep going.

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WHOA!! and WOW...
no suggestion... bowled by the idea.

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well i guess the idea is good .. but its already been implemented by david droga ... check out and this idea has humble beginings from last years one show gold winner stella artois campaign its a matter of application ..and who dunnit first.. kudos on a good application ...

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Excellent idea..just what I am looking for..interested in freelance or fulltime in Mumbai? ;-)

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santosh gupta
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yes interested in doing freelancing
98198 11145

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I really like it! This is big man!

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I think the creative thinking for the campaign and mechanism is from the creative talents brains... it shows!
However, the sticker which is the "medium" that carries the messsage, can't shout it loud. I go to the supermarket or any store, I buy the stuff I want, I know already the price range. I push my trolley to the cashier who makes the addition, I pay and leave. Who will take time to tick each and every price tag on the items he baught?
My suggestion: let the message and tick box be on the invoice, not on the dozens of tags you're paying for. Think about it and I really think it's a Big Idea.

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