nokia ad

nokia ad
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You have posted a visual idea which can be found in stock photography archives. What I want
to say is that this visual is too much of a cliché to be interesting for such a
brand as nokia. The fact that you want to connect black and white also is a very worn out concept.
but i don't want to discourage you - you're a beginner and I am sure that You will improve.
On the main page of AotW You can find valuable inspiration for Your own creative development.

The idea to reconnect the broken chain with the Nokia logo reminds me of this Idea for BASF in
Germany :
(invisible contribution - visible success)

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all what u said is 100% right but as u said I am a beginner and I didn't study "how to make creative ads" I just watch and try yo make some ideas of my own, about the pic yes you can find it on google, I am doing it (print ads) as a hobby that is why pics are not mine

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The visual says Nokia is the missing link, rather than connecting people. Btw, you don't show what you say. Your visual must complement and complete the message that you have in copy.

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Ian Meldrum
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It looks like a racial awareness ad. perhaps try a number of people in a circle (or just the hands)
and all of their chains heading towards a nokia link in the middle...

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Raouf, pls. kill me

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