I am working on a project i have came up with brand name and subsequent tagline kindly let me know how is it and if any changes needed and kindly help me out for tagline of the last brand

Valentine day jellewey
Brand Name:

(It’s a Greek word meaning love)


Sense the feeling of being in love

Brand Name:

(Greek word meaning love)


Sense the feeling of being in love

Value for money brand

Brand Name: Grace
Tagline: Everyday wears diamond jewellery

Brand Name: Chrisma
(Greek word meaning – grace, beauty)
Tagline: Diamond jewellery that makes you feel beautiful everyday

Brand Name:

(Latin word meaning to shine)


Thanks a lot in advance kindly pour in your comments and feedbacks

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Why u r going for greek and latin words. Anything special

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vicky khanna
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No nothing special but the thing is we have to register the name and i tried many words from english but every word has been used all are very common so i am exploring different words so grrek and latin attracted me. hey is the words i am using not good honestly tell me

Thanks & Regards,

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erotas is definitely out i think, myriad connotations.

i think your tag lines are pretty weak - passe.
needs a lot more work.

work on the name first, after you think you are
home, go for the tagline.

personally i like how 'chrisma' sounds.
'grace' is pretty cliched. rather than
embracing these foreign words, which may sound cool;
you need to delve deeper into the parent company.
there lies the answer. stronger research into
their ideology/roots will give you a more
appropriate name. a name that the company would
identify with and not some fancy sounding foreign
lift-up that they would never relate to.

e.g : do look at brands like GANJAM very local,
flavourful as well as stylish and modern.

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hi i am going to launch my jewellery brand...... can u ppl suggest me name for silver jewellery with tag line

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your featured taglines are weak...

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hi i am searching for jewellery brand names too and also tag lines
is your project still on


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i would question the need for a tagline and suggest to the client they don't need one. every company feels they simply must have one and yet most are meaningless and are produced purely to keep the client happy. if you have to use one then i'd read up about the company and their ethics, background and beliefs. a brief chat can spark loads of ideas for that as they may have a good angle for you. regarding the name then i think something simple that isn't trying too hard. i'd start off with typing words like love, shine, sparkle, gem etc. into and seeing what words that comes up with, then you may find other words you can search for from that initial search. good luck!