Negresco Justifies Everything

1 - Even a hand shake between enemies
2 - Even a kiss between enemies
3 - Even a hug between enemies

*Negresco is a cookie kinda like Oreo, and they have this slogan "Negresco Justifies Everything" or "Cookie Justifies Everything". In english maybe their slogan would sound better if it was "Negresco is an Excuse for Everything" or something like that, you guys got the point right..?

I've sent those ads for the Negresco Contest here in Brazil, but I guess they were judged too politically incorrect or immoral in some way (I could imagine that happening hehehe).
Even so one of my ads (another one) got thru and I'm being voted along with 4 other people. So if you guys got a minute and are willing to help a fellow "adsoftheworlder" please vote for me here:

Just click the sign "ANÚNCIO PUBLICITÁRIO" and then my name: "Thyago Resende", my ad is the squirrel one. If you're curious about the text it's on another post. The prize is a 1 month travel around the world!!! Cool, huh? Thanks a lot, everyone!

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