Negresco ad for the Contest!

Even changing old habits.

Guys, this ad is being voted along with 4 others, for a contest. If you got a minute, could you please vote for me here?

Just click the sign "ANÚNCIO PUBLICITÁRIO" and then, right next to my name(Thyago Resende), click "VOTAR"(vote).

I can win a 1 month travel around the world!!! Sweet! Thanks, everyone! It means a lot!


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I'm sorry, I don't think you deserve a world trip on the basis of this.

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So Davosk, how would you do it?

Well, anyways I didn't liked that ad much either (It was the last day of submissions and 11:20 pm, only 40 minutes to go, and I made it just because)

Have you seen my other ads for the contest, davosk? Much better.

Even so, I DO DESERVE A WORLD TRIP despite of anything or what any davosk thinks or could think, and I really don't need your vote, thx.

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I have just seen your other ads, much cuter than the squirrel and a very optomistic approach I must say. I'm not going to comment on them as ads but I hope that if you do win that world trip, take them with you. Maybe you could bring about world peace. That would be better than any self congratulatary industry award. Good luck.

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