Need your creative experienced insight......

Hi all, I am fresh graduate from one design school in Singapore. I am planning to pursue my career in advertising agency as art director. Currently Im making my book so I need your advice or critics of where to improve.

Pls kindly take a look at my portfolio bundle at

thanks for your time

cheerssss :)


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Hi guys... pls comment. Thanks

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Nice. Some of your poster work (photo/shop indesign) is really good. Great execution. Some of your branding stuff looks a little kiddy, the menus etc but still really well executed.

I'm a graphic designer so from a graphic design point of view it looks great. It looks more like a design folio than an art director/advertising book.

good luck.

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hi thx for your comment mwb.creative. I know its more like design folio, think i still need to create some more campaigns / poster ad. thx a lot btw :)

any other comment?

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anyway you can get a web address of your own? so its not a flicker name? It would be more professional if it was or something. Or have a friend help build your site without using flicker (if you don't know how to do it.) but if that is not an option, I think you can get a domain name from and have it linked up to the flicker site.
just a suggestion.

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i liked ur works. i didn't know u took help from shutterstock or not but ur some illustration r simply great.
keep it up, best of luck.


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Hi Yalaurie, right now I am making my website :) but thanks for your suggestion :)

designersuman: No I didnt use any stock images on the website. thanks, glad that u liked it.

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very goood...i like your works.
love anything creative

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Hi Steph. Comments as follows. :)

FightGlobalWarming Campaign: Copy is very forced... If my kid asks such dumb questions I'll disown him/her. People carry umbrella's cos' it's raining, whether May is dry season or not.

HeartySkin Campaign: Nice look, though not too hot about the font. Surprised it's not selling some product... and upon that realisation I still don't think anyone will really be spurred to action. One's skin is a reflection of both habit *and* skincare.

Stickers can't be read with the resolution... but it should read 'Your Skin Mirrors Your Habits'.

Swatch Ad: Nice take... won't really make the sales, but it builds some branding. For the letter 'i' you can consider doing a forced 6.30 (both down) with the red second hand pointing up to form the dot on the 'i'... or just do all at 6 o'clock position.

Vybes Hairdressing: Childish sketches complete with toilet humour (peeing) makes me wonder if I should pay good money to visit folks who may not take my hair seriously. Most outstanding of the lot, but perhaps not for the right reasons.

Calendar: Think you missed out November. Don't quite see the concept behind the series though... Movie-star-worthy-haircare?

Vespa Site: Seems disjoint overall. Somehow it does not capture the essence of the Vespa brand.

Overall artwork still looks a bit raw, but I'd say that you're already doing better than some old-timers I've seen around. All said, it's a very good first try. Great that you want to improve, and I believe you will. Cheers. :)

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hi thanks for taking time to look at my portfolio.
and yes i will keep learning once i start working in real adv world

for the calendar, i didnt put in november cause the space isn't enough. i made this for my friend's and all he asked just to make it look elegant, glamour and stylish.

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I think it will give you a definitive edge over others if you are willing to "think in words" before sitting down to execute any of your work.

Many art directors apply for jobs thinking it's enough to make things look pretty, but what agencies actually need are folks who can communicate a message (whether through words or otherwise).

If you're gunning for the big agencies, I suggest leaving out stuff like calendars (unless there's a creative idea behind it). You might end up looking more like a layout artist than an art director. :)

Again, great effort. Keep pushing for better.


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hi Whitespace, thanks again for your words. it really does motivate me from inside out. Im kinda new in advertising, because never thought to join this world before. thats why I don't really have that much adv/campaign portfolio. I think I have to add it up.
but actually, how many work does someone have to put in his/her portfolio to get this job?

cheers :)

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Enough to show how good you are, without showing that you're desperate. (else you might get in the door, but they'll pay you 'intern allowance' without salary)

Basically you gotta show that you have a variety of styles for a variety of products, and for various media. Do something from the humble potato at Carrefour to FMCG like mobile phones and even family friendly stuff for MCYS. Just avoid the taboo Durex/Wonderbra. My first book had Viagra in it. None too proud.

Always show at least one campaign, so that folks will know that you're not a one-hit wonder. Best if you can extend it to 'non-traditional media'.

It would also help to do ads that are targetted at the folks you want to impress. Say you worship a particular CD. Look through his/her work... then avoid all of them (and their products) unless you are capable of topping their concept. Do a unique direct mailer addressed to them.

On a side note... to know how good your book is, go to a few agencies that you have no intention of joining. :) Good luck.

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