My Book

Hi everyone, I have uploaded my book (recently debuted at pn6 boston) to my blog. after uploading the whole thing i realize that i should have probably used smaller files, so please bear with the load times, i promise it will be worth it.... or not.

anyway, i am looking for insightful, constructive criticism, i have no formal ad training, was a fine arts major in college and have been running the art dept at a marketing firm for the last year.

Each tab has a campaign inside as well as a review of the process. I have a bunch of additional one offs that i will post here eventually...

that being said, please feel free to rip me a new one.

i need it desperately


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You better post your work, one by one, as it is hard to give comments on a whole book like this. My general observation is that the menus and categorization is not intuitive.

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fair enough, I will begin to post each campaign individually in the comming days.