woman final
its an ad created for 25th of november 06 for the day against violence to women


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What's the idea here? What is it saying apart from that someone hit the Mona Liza. It is crying out for a clever line. I'm sure there's one there but I can't read Greek.

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if i had a dollar for every mona lisa ad ive seen I would be able to buy quite a few stellas.

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its says that "from every side you can see it, it hurts the same"

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Just to make you all aware that this idea was done earlier, see this link below.

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whos to say the rip off you say is not a rip off, u never know for sure with these things.

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Ok, I've adjusted my previous comment as I have since found out that it was indeed a coincidence but it's just for the record. There's no hard feelings as both parties now know one another.

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i wonder where else i will see monaliza...hope i can understand the copy write

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

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no wonder she's never gonna smile. ever. such a bad ad... pooor lisa, the violence of the art director that is what has to stop.

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