I know that artwork sucks big times. But I would love to get your feedback on the idea itself.

Thanks so much in advance.






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mAD man
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I have actually done a little bit of work on the Mini and the first thing that came to mind is the whole compensation idea. I think it is kind of funny but in my opinion it is just to easy and I have seen many ads that use this concept. keep going on it, Mini is a great product to work on. Look at some of the work done by Crispin. They have put out amazing work for Mini.

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Modal Writer
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man, it's a dick joke...I know I've got a bit of a 'tude about calling these out, but the humor is too juvenile, talk up to the consumer, not down.

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I think the idea can be developed and it works, but not the way you've done here. It has to be subtle and elegant.

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Modal Writer
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Think of that short lived Volkswagen TV campaign, the first for Low-Ego Emissions, where drivers of upscale german cars drive around with bullhorns shouting out their insecurities "Because I'm compensating for my shortcomings. Because I'm compensating for my shortcomings". As per Ivan-thought, elegant, tho in their case the subtlety was overtaken by smarts. Check it out.

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try an elephant it could be elegant or maybe you should go for a deer cos when i look into the new comers i feel fear

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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I think the thought is not bad, but i would make it quite suttle. By showing guys you don't wanna asociate with, with big cars you can very well drive home the point.

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