Milk is Murder

Guys, i don't know if u all remember this post, after the crash it is missing. there were many
questions raised on the factual correctness of the ad. i just want to let the ones who found it
hard to believe the facts in this ad, that this is what is happening around the world.
see this (see the full video)
as far as the effect of the blood in my ad is conerned, i agree that my AD
couldn't get it perfectly. i'm looking for someone who can improve it. n i'm not saying stop drinking
milk, but atleast show concern.

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the blood looks like the cow's tits, so I guess thats pretty cool.. but if you were to take the font away you would have never know it to be blood...

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u got it, the idea is to make the blood flow look like udder(cow's tit). but the effect was not
perfect, so i have to impove n make it more like flowing blood. but i posted this agin to let others see the video.

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Hi there,

I can help you improve the milk/blood. Give me a mail and I'll send you my work to see what I can do.


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Thanks ioan. i've sent u a mail.