Maya Exhibit at the Chicago Field Museum

Bus stop poster

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nice, man. i like the mayan pyramid typography.

I don't know if this sells it or is attention-getting enough (notice how no one has written anything....although, the same thing happens to me when i post here).

Acutally,'s smart and YES it makes me want to know more. nice and simple, it simply works.

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Modal Writer
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what can i say, it's an intellectual soft sell, all the previous versions were playing up the gory nature of the mayans, instead of alluding to it...thanks for the interest

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I think the line is ok, but the art direction is really weak.

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Agreed. Nice line, art needs some work. Alternatively you could have simply worked with the line as a pyramid and no other visual....just a nice clean logo at the bottom.

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Modal Writer
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Thanks guys, I'm working hard on the art direction. Will post new when their up to snuff.