...comments please!

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like the idea. You could execute a little better. Change the font size here and there....for example the hedline..."Zaara waited for 14 years" should be very strongly seen. That effect isn't coming.

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The idea is weak in my opinion. Maybe look for a different angle.

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indian weddings are highly influenced by bollywood films (eg. the clothes bride wears, the decorations and to some extent even the rituals) and none of the matrimony sites have taken this thought seriously. Hence these ads are just a connect between bollywood and marriages.

As swat says i might have to work on the design part.

thanks anyways.

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Ivan!... I liked these advts.... May be u r not familiar with India's fascination with Bollywood. Though I think art can be improved..

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achha hai priyanka!!!
nice one

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Hmmm... well the idea is not really that great, but if u wanna think strategy it might as well work... Not bad... atleast there is enough clarity, compared to the 'AXE' debacle priyanka... Good to see u progressing... But again, Think... Think... Think... There should be a better idea. may be somewhere in this one...


- The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close-up.

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thanks everyone. after explaination people seem to understand the thought better.

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I agree. It's a good idea, the art's not great but could be improved.

Good Luck!

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himanshu prabhakar
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Realllllllllly good for indian Shaadi.

Himanshu Prabhakar

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dude it is almost a year and half old ad...feels weird to see you complementing it. anyways thanks for taking pains to dig it out.

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No priyanka, i cant compare this with your save tree ad. that was so nice, if you want to communicate matrimony through bollywood it can be the picture of old Zara (should feel like still waiting) kinda approch. This is jst my opinion. Thanks.

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i do agree with scorpio20. layout is not my cup of tea anyways. this was done just to communicate the idea. n please dont compare one ad to the another. this was done years ago. anyways thanks for commenting!'s picture
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idea is great !!! .... but need to improve on design part.

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good idea but too pop-culturish, In India marriage is supposed to be divine and not some kind of fashionable lifestyle choice and the ad is portraying exactly that, Sigh ! Good Idea bad transformation !

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good as a whole only thing is that is u need a good art partner!

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The message is great. Its funny, engages the audience and relates beautifully with the product (Online Matrimony site, this faster and convenient). Good work!

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