MADD bus ad

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers transit bus concept. Illusion of a head-on collision frozen in time for people looking onward from behind their own steering-wheel. very poor photoshop job I know, however the idea should be evident for comments and opinions I think.


MADD  bus ad


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Sorry, either it's too late in the day or the idea is barely coming through. Elaborate please.

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Its placed on the rear of a transit bus. as people approach the bus they get a slo-mo glimpse of a life altering situation that can be caused by drunk driving. people can interpret themselves how this collision came to be, its meant to try to make people think of those few seconds before their lives would be changed forever. in the name of awareness.

I decided against the more shock-driven visual of showing somoene through the window, as I want people to feel the sensation of two vehicles coming face-to-face.


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Is that Jim Carrey and Dakota Fanning?
Actually I think you should go with the 'smash through window' execution. This one is a bit too demanding and might just say that the busdriver sucks.

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yeah, weighter. the idea isn't strong/fast/understandable enough here.

i do think the medium you've chosen here has potential.
There must be simpler, quicker ambient ideas for MADD floating around the Universe somewhere.
Seek them out.

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