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College Project
Topic: Lurzers Archive

Description: This ad could be published in other art books or advertising related publications.
Additional: Photography- Self

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Modal Writer
Activity Score 333

bad pun, bad.

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Activity Score 150

Lurzer's archive is targetted toward all the creative advertising/graphics professionals all around the world... this ad will not cut it at all..

think more creatively, find more interesting images...

Mo's picture
Activity Score 648

One that One show pencil? If it is....then how come it's sitting like that ? The D&AD pencil has flat surface while a One Show pencil has both the ends sharpened.....

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Yash Vora
Activity Score 48

Thats right Mo, i've cropped it to suit the purpose. I know its wrong, but nonetheless...

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People can be harsh on here Vora, it's an interesting thought, but no where near it needs to be. My one largest criticism for students is that they settle on an idea after an hour or two of thinking - if that. Spend some time with it.