london undergound safety ads

what do u reckon?

london undergound safety ads
london undergound safety ads


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Hi. Answering your question from the other forum.

I think they're looking quite professional for a student copywriter ;)

Hindsight: Great photo but the copy doesn't correlate 100%. There is potential for hilarity but it's not quite there yet.

Support: Kind of the opposite here. I'm a fan of "Support Heroism" but you can get crazier with the visual (although the look on the guy's face makes me chuckle)

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thanks for the feed back,
its great to get other ppls opinions.

finding your creative half is tricky isnt it?

i cant really start searching until my course finishes.

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I don't really see an idea in the second one.

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nice photos... that's all from these ads that can get credits. Idea and layout could be better.

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