Lifestyle B-Class Egypt

Agency: Marcom, Cairo, Egypt
Creative Director: Tamer Serag El Din
Assistant Creative Director: Karim A. Yusuf
Art Director: Tamer Serag El Din
Copywriter: Rania El Kest
Illustrator: Ayman Salah El Din
Client Service: Nora Moussa

The logic behind our creative was to position the car as a multi-activity vehicle. By linking the car directly to people’s diverse lifestyles, the ad depicts a gearshift with the standard gears replaced with different lifestyle modes such as travel, family, play and work.

Lifestyle B-Class Egypt


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It works to some extent, there's just nothing new about it. And i don't know anything about the car?

"shift your lifestyle" sounds like a pun too. You show gears then say shift, it's a bit to cliche. Sorry.

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Thank you for your comments... This ad was part of an integrated campaign. Details of the car were shown through other mediums.

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Very nice!! but u forget to reflect the same text at the stick

Kaz's picture
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Yes you're right. The printed version had the reflection on it.
Well spotted.

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